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Hyundai RB, founded in 1999, with two large and efficient production facilities, can produce LSAW carbon and alloy steel pipes using both roll bending and JCO press facilities and guarantee full heat treatments and coating services.


Hyundai RB has an annual production capacity of 200.000 tons/year, covering orders of various volume productions as well as customized order requests.


Hyundai RB can produce by roll bending process 12.2 metres long pipes with max thickness 150 mm, and using the JCO technique 12.2 metres long pipes till 80 mm thickness.


Hyundai RB has its own internal/external coating plant capable of producing single/double layer fusion-bond epoxy (FBE), three layers polyethylene (3LPE) as well as liquid epoxy.



LS Metal

LS METAL is a major Korean manufacturer of stainless steel welded pipes.


Specialized in the manufacturing of stainless steel and duplex longitudinally welded pipes, up to a maximum diameter of 80", LS METAL is regularly supplying the main EPC contractors especially for LNG projects.


The broad presence of LS METAL in many project vendor lists, the good expertise as well as the comprehensive reference list makes LS METAL the ideal partner for demanding engineering companies & primary trading houses.


TPS-Technitube Röhrenwerke GmbH is a privately owned future oriented company operating most modern production mills and stocks for seamless alloy and stainless tubes, nickel and titanium alloy tubes, carbon steel tubes, non-ferrous tubes, oil- and gasfield tubular products, extended surface tubes as well as special piping and tubing products and accessories.


Besides its production facilities TPS is running stock availabilities which allow to provide worldwide customers with standard and special mill delivery terms as well as deliveries from stock.


TPS is specialized in heat exchanger tubes and hydraulic tubing manufacturing. Thanks to a special bending facility, U-tubes can be realized within minimum time and with flexibility.


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